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The First Innovation Park is launched in Jerusalem


Towards an innovative Jerusalemite and Palestinian community  that believes in justice and that depends on science, knowledge and human values for development and steadfastness.
Al Nayzak for supportive Education and Scientific Innovation initiates, after the success of the Science and Technology House in Birzeit, to establish the first innovation park in Palestine, specifically in Jerusalem. The park aims to educate and promote the culture of excellence.
We are in a great need for a Jerusalemite national educational system, away from being recipients of knowledge only, but towards analytical understanding of knowledge. We are able to receive knowledge easily nowadays, but the question remains: how do we handle knowledge? How do we acquire information, skills and analytical capabilities that lead to deep understanding and innovation.
The innovation park offers a unique space to learn about science, technology, and engineering through a group of specialized buildings and facilities, including digital libraries, indoor and outdoor theaters, labs, and a science garden. All facilities are to be open throughout the year and offer a range of activities and events.

Al Nayzak succeeded in renting a location for 99 years and is now working on getting the required and necessary permits for construction.