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I am With Jerusalem

I am With Jerusalem is developed by AlNayzak for Supportive Education and Scientific Innovation

An educational, entertaining and analytical game about the city of Jerusalem. The game is consisted of 12 questions, for each question there's an answer that's linked to one of the images or dates or written symbols with words.
you must read the question carefully, find the answer through researching the different information sources, then drop the question on the same place that relates to the answer, for example:
Q : "They occupied Jerusalem during the 19th century, for a period of 9 years, and made changes to the law allowing foreigners to own land and assets in Jerusalem. Who are they? When was that?
the answer is in the symbolic pictures: the Pyramids because the Egyptians occupied Jerusalem during that time.
the answer is in history/date: 1831 BC because that's when it happened.
the answer is in the symbolic letters/ words: Mohammed Ali Basha because he was the ruler of Egypt at that time.

You can get I am With Jerusalem" application for IOS by clicking the icon below:


For Android devices you can find it by clicking on the icon below: