Science House Activities
Scientific Theatre

 It might be unusual to combine the words science and theater in the same sentence but at Al Nayzak we believe that science is a part of the whole, and we consider it an important form of arts which effect and is affected by other types of arts that form the human culture.

The idea of the scientific theater was developed in Al Nayzak as an additional interactive exiting method of teaching science and technology. This method combines arts and drama, with science and its difficult terminologies that are hard to transmit to the recipient in traditional teaching methods.

Thus, fun and knowledge are intertwined in the educational theatrical performances in order to stimulate critical thinking and urge the audience’s mind to further ask questions, research and develop.
Al Nayzak worked since the year 2004 on developing the idea and learning from others’ experiences in this filed. It gathered several successful experiences that urged the organization of the scientific theater unit in order to produce several plays.