Science House Activities
Tour in the Science House

The Science and Technology House has a great capacity and offers a distinctive interactive experience for visitors of all ages. During a tour of more than three hours with accompanied by an experienced guide, the visitor will have the chance to move around the different courts and being introduced into various yet specialized scientific concepts.

The first stop will be at the Physics and Space Exhibition where visitors know how a satellite moves around the earth and why planes don’t fall. The Chemistry and Medicine laboratory offers the real experience of making a medicine either in pills or liquids. The Telecommunications Exhibition sheds special light on the history of developing the telephone and the software employed to facilitate certain life events. The “Robotics– Behind Wires” laboratory brings to life interesting electronic and electrical concepts and provides a space for visitors to design, build and program their own robots.

The Science Garden contains distinguished interactive exhibits in the field of mechanics and waves, and offers a creative space for special activities in various sciences as well as entertainment activities. Finally the House embraces a high-tech well equipped multipurpose room where external parties can host activities and where Al Nayzak’s signature Scientific Theatre performances are organized.