Since its establishment, Al Nayzak dedicated itself to creating an effective and long lasting change in the Palestinian community. The organization has taken on the fields of science and technology education, critical and logical thinking, scientific and technological entrepreneurship, and systematic social change that depend on scientific research.

The Science and Technology House in Palestine, is a dynamic body where visitors enjoy hands on activities all dedicated to create a culture of scientific thinking. The Science House aims to serve Palestinians all over the State of Palestine and to not be restricted to a certain category of visitors or to a certain city.
Donors can contribute to this goal by donating for:

  • Hosting marginalized schools’ students from all around the Palestinian Territories.
  • Developing new programs and activities for visitors.
  • Designing and manufacturing new scientific exhibits.
  • Mobile Scientific Exhibitions.
  • Science Fun Days
  • Science Festivals

As an acknowledgement of this contribution and an expression of the Al Nayzak’s gratitude, we provide the donor with great privileges.

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