The Science House’s Sections

The Science and Technology House has a great capacity and offers a distinctive interactive experience for visitors of all ages. During a tour of more than three hours with accompanied by an experienced guide, the visitor will have the chance to move around the different sections and being introduced into various yet specialized scientific concepts.
The house is divided into spaces and halls that differ in color, design and atmosphere in order to cope with the house’s sections:

  • Physics and Astronomy Section: How come airplanes don’t fall off the sky? How do satellites work? How do they acquire energy? Stargazing during the afternoon hours, studying air pressure and its details and more.
  • Chemistry and Medicine Section: How is medicine produced? Why do we take the anti-biotic? Medicine everywhere…etc.
    This section is sponsored by Birzeit Pharmaceutical Company
  • Telecommunications Section: How does cell-phone work? Who is afraid of it? Why?
    This section is sponsored by Palestine Cellular Communication Company Jawwal
  • Robotics Laboratory “Behind Wires”: An interactive robotics, electronics, and electricity laboratory to build electronic circuits, build and program robots, and construct innovative projects.
  • Astronomical Observatory: Observing the Sunspots during the day, and the stars and planets in the evening using modern and advanced telescopes.
    Multipurpose Hall: For conducting workshops, scientific theatre performances, and screening scientific fascinating 3D films.
  • Scientific Theatre: live interactive stage performance that combines drama and comedy with science, technology, and engineering.
  • Science Garden: An external garden which contains distinguished interactive exhibits in mechanics and waves fields, and offers a creative space for special activities.
    This section is sponsored by Palestine Cellular Communication Company Jawwal